Meet The QUICKEST 5-Speed SRT4 Neon In The World! That Looks Like A Handful To Drive!

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The drag strip is one of the best places and to meet some amazing people and, even ...

The drag strip is one of the best places and to meet some amazing people and, even better, see their amazing modifications, and some of which you are going to be astonished such as this one-of-a-kind, what can be considered as, the fastest Dodge Neon SRT4 5speed in this world.

At the start of the video below we see the little talk about the car itself with the owner and we take the look at how it looks under the hood.

The Neon looks absolutely awesome and there is not headlight due to a fact that he had to make space to fit a turbo, which by the way, is huge.

The engine is the 2.4L Turbo 16V Twin Cam with the aluminum rod. This front wheel drive car is as good as it can get, it was time to see its power on the track.

During the 1st run a fastest SRT4 5speed beast manages to drive at speed of 151 MPH. After a race, the owner is asked if it can get any better, he says that he would like to go as much as 160 MPH.

In a 2nd race against the VW GTI, the Neon manages to hit 158 MPH, and which is surprisingly good and everyone at a track are impressed.

Though at the last two races he did not manage to go as fast as this, and it can still be considered as a fastest Dodge Neon SRT4 5speed out there. What do you think, can this beast be even better?

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