McLaren 570S Autobahn POV Acceleration And Top Speed 352Km/h

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The McLaren Sport Series may be known as a marque’s entry-level offerings, ...

The McLaren Sport Series may be known as a marque’s entry-level offerings, and that doesn’t mean McLaren 570S isn’t capable of some proper fireworks in its own right.

A new first-person acceleration and the top speed video put together by AutoTopNL shows what happens when you really let that 3.8-liter V-8 gallop, and it is one hell of a ride.

With 570 hp on tap and the top speed of 204 mph, the McLaren 570S is no slouch in stock form. Well, this particular 570S features the RaceChip tune that supposedly boosts power up to 676 hp, though a note in the video below claims the tune was turned off for the video.

If that is true, then it is further evidence that McLaren has the habit of underrating their vehicle, as the driver pushes past the stated top speed with ease.

From the standing launch on the side of the German Autobahn, and he accelerates up through 150 mph in less than ten seconds.

The climb from there to 212 mph is not quite as easy, and this driver lucks out with the clear stretch of straight road and pushes this McLaren 570S right over the limit.

Though the on-screen speedometer isn’t calibrated correctly, well, you can see the 342 KM/H on the instrument cluster projection at around 2:33.

This driver makes a few more attempts as the video below goes on, but each time he’s foiled by traffic or the curve in the road and doesn’t quite reach the same heights.

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