Look At This Magnificent Hearse Lapping The Nurburgring

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We have seen a number of mad things driving around ...

We have seen a number of mad things driving around the Nurburgring. We have seen trucks, buses, wagon, minivans, caravans, trikes, bikes and what not, but we do not recall seeing a freaking hearse giving the Nurburgring a try. Well, we can see it now.

Jalopnik writers actually went all in with it and found out a lot about the hearse.

“The hearse’s owner, Jamie Orr, recognized his hearse and filled us in with a few more details and beauty shots—like the fact that it’s based on an Audi 80, not any of Audi’s bigger cars from the era. Orr picked up the hearse in Spain and drove it across Europe last month, where it and Orr’s Volkswagen Fox were eventually shipped on a Volkswagen Group vessel over to the U.S., where he lives.”

Obviously, we have here a massive Volkswagen lover who not only possesses this incredible hearse, but a freaking Fox registered in Pennsylvania. Cool!

And he saved a Volkswagen Golf Harlequin from a junkyard in California.

Cool guy.

Back to the hearse. There may be a whole market to be found there. Imagine getting a BMW M5 Touring hearse and driving the thing hard at Nurburgring as a final send off for those who want to go there!? That would be cool, if not bizarre.

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