Look Back At The Magnificent Alfa Romeo 4C In All Its Glory

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The Alfa Romeo 4C. The unicorn of the car world for ...

The Alfa Romeo 4C. The unicorn of the car world for sure. It is a sports car with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine and it is worth a LOT of money. Yet, it is the cheapest car with a carbon tub. And the engine is in the middle at the back. Incredible.

Now, the story about the Alfa Romeo 4C is an old one. The car appeared a few years back, but it is still a looker. And it still is a fast one. Although, we cannot call it a supercar. But we can dub it a small sports car perfectly suited to be compared with the Lotus Elise.

Stripped out race car feel is what this car is all about. One in a car can hear everything – including all the rocks kicking its underfloor and all the crackles its engine produces. And, interestingly enough, Alfa Romeo really outdid themselves in the exhaust department. This thing, although having only a four-cylinder, sounds visceral, real, raw and dangerous. Something a lot of manufacturers are really trying to accomplish.

Nevertheless, EddieX and his new friend got a chance to drive this car and talk endlessly about the driving feel which is the biggest selling factor of the machine.

As far as fun in cars goes, this seems to be the best one yet.

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