Look Aventador S making Its Way To 190mph On The Autobahn With Shmee150

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Yes, the Lamborghini Aventador S is a machine ...

Yes, the Lamborghini Aventador S is a machine capable of reaching some serious performance in seconds. With its 730hp engine and four-wheel drive coupled with the four-wheel steering system, the Lambo Aventador S can take on almost anything. Yet, it seems that its forays over the autobahn are the most exciting. Here we have our guy Shmee150 driving the Lamborghini Aventador S on the autobahn. And it seems he’s driving it to the max. The sheer excitement and power of the Aventador is one to be reckoned with.

Shmee150 took things north really fast trying out three modes of the Aventador S including the Strada, the Sport and the Corsa. Well, Shmee150 did not hold back with fast driving. He even concluded his autobahn Aventador S test by accelerating the machine to 190mph. Quite a fast and dangerous drive indeed.

The Aventador S was improved in key areas, including the suspension, the engine, the transmission and the aerodynamics. Thankfully, Shmee150 took us through the whole car showing us the real advancements Lamborghini made. It is a stunning car. Possibly one of the last V12 naturally aspirated machines on the market.

Feast your eyes on this blue St. Agata perfection. It is a car for the wall poster.

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