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When it comes to the racing, skill along with sprinkle of the luck are the most ...

When it comes to the racing, skill along with sprinkle of the luck are the most crucial factors for victory, in the video below we check out the compilation which features some the luckiest and the most skillful drivers ever caught on tape.

It does not get any better that capturing such the great moments on tape and watching them over and over again. And some videos are so amazing that they are hard to believe.

To begin with we have the dirt rally and 6 cars are about to make the u-turn on the right. The driver who was on a furthest left was supposed to make the widest turn meaning he’ll lose some time.

Instead he did the impossible. He turned his vehicle sideways and literary through a whole turn ending up first.

The drag races are some of a most exciting and fun to watch. But driving at such speed means that the danger is omnipresent. You could lose control in a fraction of the second and crash in the fence beside a track.

This is exactly what had happened to this driver in the second clip. Seconds after he took off, he lost control of his vehicle.

But he managed to remain calm and retain a full control of the vehicle back. He got on a track back again and eventually ended up winning this race.

You could also find the rally driver going at the very high speed and nearly avoiding to crash into the crowd.

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