This Kit Car With Volt Batteries And Model S E Motors Did A Sub 10 Second Drag Run

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Factory Five 818 Kit Car certainly has a lot of ...

Factory Five 818 Kit Car certainly has a lot of appeal for anyone in love with cars. It is a ten grand kit car you can build in your garage. And then, when gifted with an engine and other gear, it can provide supercar performance for the price of the new Ford Fiesta. We are not even joking. It is amazing.

However, some do not tackle the project with intention of integrating ICE inside. These guys integrated two Chevrolet Volt batteries and Tesla Model S engines in the lightweight body of the Factory Five 818 kit car. And they’ve crafted a monster.

Tapp Auto who built the car used the system from the Tesla Model S P85. It is properly fast. Consider this – the fastest one can expect of stock the Model S P100D to finish the quarter of a mile race is 10.7 seconds. This thing, although less powerful, did it in 9.86 seconds. Now, that is some proper improvement. Sure, it did it on slick drag tires.

What is even cooler is the fact that it has some serious range. The uploader claims 200 miles of range from the dual Volt battery setup. Expectedly, when not racing but gently touching the gas pedal.

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