Jeremy Clarkson, James May And Richard Hammond Discuss How They Feel Waking Up As Cultural Icons

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The second season of The Grand Tour will arrive on the Amazon Prime shortly and ...

The second season of The Grand Tour will arrive on the Amazon Prime shortly and the hosts recently sat down with the British GQ to discuss the show.

When asked about the upcoming season, Jeremy Clarkson said looking back at a first season they noticed the handful of things that they wouldn’t do again.

In particular, he said there are one or two little things that they will probably rethink for season two. Richard Hammond went on to say they had to try the new things but some aspects of the show won’t necessarily carryover.

Jeremy Clarkson went on to reveal The Grand Tour doesn’t cost as much as the previously reported and it is broadly a same as it was before.

The host added it was fun annoying people at the BBC but it is not the same with Amazon because they are un-annoyable. On a bright side, Amazon isn’t as controlling and offers the more relaxed atmosphere.

When asked how it feels to be cultural icons, Jeremy Clarkson responded by saying he still asks himself How on earth did I end up here?

May rejected the idea and later admitted he is surprised how often people recognize him. This is especially true when they visited the remote roadside hut in the Syria and the person there said Welcome to my country, Mr Slowly.

Of course, fame has it downsides as the hosts aren’t keen at having people stare at them, interrupting them when they are out in public.

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