Jaw-Dropping Moment: A Cyclist Runs A Red Light And Car Hits Him

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It seems like the cyclists getting struck by vehicles is becoming the increasingly ...

It seems like the cyclists getting struck by vehicles is becoming the increasingly caught-on-camera theme as of lately.

Sometimes it might be the vehicle’s fault, while other times the two-wheeled variant may be the one to blame for the accident. And whatever the cause, the video below showing a cyclist getting struck by the car in the Ottawa crosswalk might change the way you observe yourself and others on a road.

Reddit user 26Drunk decided to buy the dashcam. He went on Amazon and bought the $75 Auto-Vox dash cam, installed it in the vehicle the night before filming, and set out for lunch with his girlfriend.

And to his surprise, within two hours of the camera’s use, the cyclist blew through the intersection in front of their vehicle, narrowly missing the couple.

But the camera-vehicle may have obscured the view for this cyclist, who wasn’t so lucky when only moments later, another vehicle collided with the bike, sending this rider and his bicycle flying through the air.

Fortunate for everyone involved, the police officer was close by who witnessed this incident as well, and was able to quickly tend to the cyclist to ensure injuries were minimal.

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