Intel Looks At What People Will Need To Trust Autonomous Cars

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Intel says that a majority of people don’t currently trust autonomous cars and ...

Intel says that a majority of people don’t currently trust autonomous cars and thanks to some innovative technology, it is hoping to change that.

In the editorial published by the chief systems architect of the Intel’s Autonomous Driving Group, Jack Weast, this company says the technology for the fully-autonomous vehicles could be perfected in not too distant future.

However, these technologies will prove redundant and if people aren’t willing to ride inside the car that controls itself.

Intel wants to solve this by creating the interactive experience between the vehicle and rider and recently conducted the Trust Interaction Study.

The study involved groups of the consumers who had no previous experience with the self-driving vehicles and were thrown into a deep end by going for the ride in one of Intel’s prototypes.

The consumers said their trust in the car increased dramatically thanks to the displays, touchscreens, the vocal cues and other technologies that allow passengers to interact with the vehicle.

Intel is leading the charge of the technology companies developing the autonomous driving systems, and even though it is most known for producing the computer chips, not vehicles.

In March, it was revealed that this company would purchase autonomous technology firm Mobileye for $15.3 billion. Intel ultimately believes that the car systems, data and services market could be valued at the $70 billion by 2030.

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