Insanely Fast Diesel Cars Which Will Turn Your Head Around

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Diesel cars can be fast. Really fast. But they are ...

Diesel cars can be fast. Really fast. But they are on their way to extinction. After all, it seems that manufacturers have a hard time trying to lower the nitric oxide emissions thus reducing the possibility for their additional development. After all, the US and Europe are the first in line to crumble the efforts of the diesel engine revolution now with all the hybrid cars and downsizing push.

Nevertheless, diesel engines┬áhave one rather peculiar advantage over petrol engines. They produce far more torque and that torque can be used in various ways – for pulling a ┬álot of stuff, or for accelerating like there is no tomorrow. Thus, we give you a compilation of the awesome and the fastest diesel powered machines currently existing on YouTube videos. You will definitely be more than surprised and more than amazed by the insanely fast diesel that are tearing down drag strips and making a fool of supercars.

On the other hand, you may be saddened when you see all the smoke coming from the exhaust. After all, diesel engined cars are not clean. Not by a long run. So, maybe, the Americans and the Europeans are right in trying to get rid of them.

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