Insane Tri Turbo McLaren 12C Is A Madness On The streets

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The McLaren 12C marked the comeback of the McLaren ...

The McLaren 12C marked the comeback of the McLaren on the grand supercar scene. Back in the day, it was one of the fastest and the sharpest cars out there with a 600+hp engine, lightweight body, and exceptional driving characteristics. Yet, some called it a bit sterile and lacking in emotions.

But it is an exceptional car nonetheless. Now, however, some took it a step further and tried to transform it into a hypercar. And Matt Farah drove that 1,200hp hypercar. Developed and upgraded by a California-based tuner Hypercar Development, this McLaren 12C Spider definitely utilizes all the advanced McLaren monocoque can support and provide. With three turbochargers and four blow off valves, the machine certainly makes a case for a unique ride.

Unfortunately, Mat Farah did not have a chance to try out all the machine can offer. With 91 octane fuel, this 12C can make about 1,000hp. Again, more than enough. On race fuel, it will do 1,200hp.

Obviously, the car was stiffened up with the help of a massive roll cage. Interestingly enough, the suspension was not improved at all. Now, the car is obviously a thrilling piece of engineering easily fast and powerful enough to make us reconsider our priorities in life.

The car itself was changed and redesigned. It is in line with the latest McLarens, but it is faster than any of them. Including the P1.

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