INSANE Cockpit Footage Of A Airplane Crash!

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Flying an airplane is no easy feat. In fact,  to fly a plane you must go through ...

Flying an airplane is no easy feat. In fact,  to fly a plane you must go through intense training to make sure you are prepared to handle the responsibility of being in control of an aircraft.  In this video we check out a wild flying experience that shows why it is so important to be trained to fly. It is one of the most intense flying videos we have ever come across and is sure to send chills down all of our viewers spines.

If you are a gearhead you may know a little about air density and the ways it can affect an engine and the power output.  Not only does it affect how much power an engine can make, it affects the amount of thrust a propeller can create and how much lift a wing can generate due to the density of the air. The narrator of the videos explains all of this in detail as we check out a cockpit view of a fly in the sky.

Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst as the plane was unable to climb into the sky due to the air density and ultimately ended up crashing to the ground! Amazingly, everyone involved ended up being okay, but it is a terrifying cockpit view that reminds us of the importance of always being prepared! To watch the insanity unfold click the video below!


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