Hydraulic Press Crushes Huge Ball Of Aluminium Foil And It’s So F*cking Satisfying

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I’m sure you have all seen those videos of the really strong hydraulic press ...

I’m sure you have all seen those videos of the really strong hydraulic press and putting its weight on things and making them smaller. This week, it is time to press aluminum foil into the completely solid piece!

Now, to get this done you’ll need one extra-strong hydraulic press, the ball of aluminum foil, the lot of button-pushing patience.

First, take some foil and make the huge ball of aluminum. Next, take that ball and throw it in a press and push a button so that it starts compressing.

Grab your popcorn, watch the thing make the little aluminum leaf out of the ball. However, when you take that foil out you’ll still need to press it the few more times to make this effective!

After you take it out, knock the resulting metal leaf the few times to see how solid it is. Chances are, you are going to press aluminum even more today.

If you can bend a thing in half, do it and put it back under a press. Stand back, and grab your popcorn and your cool guy sunglasses and press a button – this press will descend on that little bit of metal without any hesitation.

When it starts knocking, lift a press up and see if you can bend the thing again. If you can’t, use the hammer and bend it one more time, then throw it under the press.

Do this until you can no longer bend the aluminum foil because it has now merged into one big solid piece of metal. And when that happens, hold it perpendicular to the press and see what happens – it’ll become even stronger!

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