Honda Powered MR2 DESTROYS Supras! (600hp Turbo K24)

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Most gearheads love an underdog story, particularly when it involves an under ...

Most gearheads love an underdog story, particularly when it involves an under appreciated ride in somewhat of a sleeper role. The Toyota MR2 came with good looks, but in factory form, it certainly lacked the power to back up the image created by its designers. In this video, an Aussie MR2 owner resolved that issue by dropping in a boosted Honda engine that pushed the car to impressive quarter mile times at the Motive DVD’s Drag Battle in Cootamundra Airport.

The powerplant, a Honda Turbo K24 4-cylinder which ships in the Euro-spec Accords, generates 600 hp and hustles the lightweight Toyota down the landing strip well ahead of some badass rides, including a couple of more widely-known Toyota sports cars, the highly-acclaimed Supra.

The MR2 notched the victory in the RWD class, with none of the other competitors able to muster much of a fight against the Honda-powered Toyota. It clocked a very impressive 10.1 second quarter mile ET at 152 miles per hour in spite of a best 60-foot time of 1.8 seconds, which only scratched the surface of the car’s real capability had traction been available in lieu of the unprepped asphalt.

On the whole, it is a remarkable car considering the simple approach taken by its owner. This ain’t an exotic engine swap with lots of mods, and the car even uses a Honda gearbox to put its power to the ground. It’s good to see such a sleek-looking ride finally living up to the power levels it’s really supposed to have.

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