High-Schoolers Race Freaking Police Officers In Their Interceptors At This Drag Strip

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Racing with the police. It seems like a stretch, ...

Racing with the police. It seems like a stretch, but it really is not. In this case, we can see high school students with their awesome machines racing with police interceptors. As part of the “Top the Cops” event in California, high school students can show up at the Sonoma Raceway in California to meet their match and race against police interceptors. In this case, a former police officer Kevin McKinnie devised a way to let the high school drivers race with their own cars against stock police interceptors. We can only imagine that there would be a number of mom or dad owned cars showing up for a race.

This is definitely an awesome way of giving high-schoolers the opportunity to craft their driving skill in a controlled environment.

Not only do they run with the police at the drag strip, but also grow a bond with the police officers which is definitely the best way of keeping those “rebels” in check.

“Every Wednesday at the Sonoma Raceway in California, high school students line up on the drag strip and go one on one … with a police car. It’s all part of a program hoping to put a positive ‘spin’ on law enforcement, providing teens with a safe space to hit the accelerator. Now in its 23rd year, “Top the Cops” was first founded by Kevin McKinnie, a retired police officer looking for a way to help curb illegal drag racing. By harnessing teens’ need for speed, McKinnie, and his fellow cops are helping to get more kids off the street scene while fostering a positive relationship between law enforcement and the local community.”

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