Hennessey’s HPE850 GT350R Brutalizes The Dyno With 787 RWHP

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It is no thanks to coffee tin fart cans buzzing around a neighborhood that ...

It is no thanks to coffee tin fart cans buzzing around a neighborhood that aftermarket exhausts get the bad name, but when the custom work is done right, and the effect is profound.

So much so in some cases that it is like taking Luciano Pavarotti out of the broom closet studio and putting him center stage at a Teatro alls Scala in Milan.

Such is the work of aftermarket tuners like the Novitec, which finds the way to make the noise coming out of the V12 Ferrari engine somehow better.

However in this case, it is not the exhaust pipes that make already great-sounding Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R sound the way it does, it is the modifications Hennessey has made to the engine.

With this HPE850 upgrade, well, Hennessey adds the 2.9-liter supercharger to a naturally aspirated flat-plane crank Voodoo V8 in order to extract almost 800 hp.

The effect it has on performance is intense, and the only thing that is arguably just as good as this exhaust note.

Thanks the this ‘Stang’s angry design, and it already looks like it is going fast even when standing still, but a real drama starts when this driver mats the throttle, giving us the impression that the GT350 is cutting through a wind and its opponent’s hopes and dreams at the pink slip at the same time.

Life’s simple pleasures don’t have to be few and the far-between, thankfully Hennessey’s YouTube channel shortens the gap.

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