Headphone Users Beware As The HPE1000 Hennessey Hellcat Challenger Tries To Eat The Dynojet Chassis Dyno

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The muscle vehicle wars are now fiercer than ever and the quick glance at what is ...

The muscle vehicle wars are now fiercer than ever and the quick glance at what is happening in the world of V8 gyms will show you that aftermarket side of the industry has gone crazy. One of the pillars behind that conclusion comes from Hennessey’s 1,000 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

The pumped-up Hellcat has been recently strapped to the dyno, with the resulting footage being nothing short of delicious.

In theory, a larger blower fitted to the vehicle allows the 6.2-liter Hemi under that long hood to climb all the way to 1,012 horsepower and 969 lb-ft of twist at the crank.

In practice, John Hennessey shows a real-world (read: rear-wheel) figures delivered by a boosted Mopar machine, while also explaining a new hp and torque curves.

Marketing gimmicks aside, it is nice to dig into the details of how such the straight line animal delivers its power, so we are inviting you to pay attention to this video, even after the supercharger whine soundtrack stops.

The Lone Star State developer explains that the thousand-pony machine will complete the 60 mph run in 2.8 seconds, and while it needs 9.9s for the quarter-mile run.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that spending time at a drag strip will require the tranny update, as the HPE1000 package doesn’t include such tech goodies.

Speaking of which, we will get to check out the sprinting might of this forced-fed Dodge Challenger soon. John Hennessey promises that in this video we are discussing, but there’s more.

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