How Hard Can It Be To Park This TINY CAR?

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Whatever it is you are doing behind the wheel, it is best that you know your ...

Whatever it is you are doing behind the wheel, it is best that you know your limits. Heading into the bend with more speed than you can handle can have the catastrophic consequences.

That means if you are going to try new stuff that you haven’t done before, well, do it gradually. To continue with the example above, start by approaching the corner with just the few miles per hour more than you normally would, see how that goes, and do it again to make sure you got the hang of it, then add the few more mph. Rinse and repeat.

The same goes for squeezing through the tight spot. 360-degree cameras will help with that, and if you know you have problems approximating the size of your car, then by all means, that feature was created precisely for you.

Another alternative would be buying the smaller car. The smaller, the better in this case, so there is no real limit here. A smart fortwo should do a trick, even though there are even narrower options out there.

For instance, any old city vehicle would do since there weren’t and so many safety regulations back then, they didn’t need crumple zones and all those things designed to keep you alive, and making them extremely diminutive.

The driver right here opted for one such vehicle, after watching the video below, the reason becomes wildly apparent. You can tell just how small that vehicle is by comparing it to the vehicle in front – the Peugeot hatchback, as far as we can see, which is the small car itself.

But if that is too ambiguous for you, then you have the much handier tool: a size of the actual parking space they are trying to slide the vehicle in.

Saying you could fit two of them is often the exaggeration, and not in this case. And yet this driver is agonizingly jerking back and forth in the desperate and futile attempt to move closer to the curb.

The video below fades out at one point, and legend has it that driver is still striving to complete the parking maneuver.

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