This Grand Cherokee Aims At An 8 Second Pass And It Is Close

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So, the Jeep Grand Cherokee certainly has many ...

So, the Jeep Grand Cherokee certainly has many virtues. None one of which are its acceleration and drag racing talent. However, it is not unheard of that the Grand Cherokee SRT transforms into a drag race slaying monster. You are looking here at a car so powerful, it can do a drag race pass in 9 seconds. Yet, this twin-turbo Grand Cherokee crafted by Pure Motoworks aims to set the bar even higher. 8-second Grand Cherokee? It is possible!

Sure, a lot of work is involved. All from installing a massive supercharger system to gutting out all that is unnecessary from the car.

Twin-turbo setup, along with new cooling, new head and a whole lot of another hardware appurtenant to the mods, made this SRT8 Jeep Cherokee quite an awesome machine.

Pure Motorworks made the car so powerful, it can make an ease four wheel drift. Actually, four wheel drifting has become a sort of a norm for machines like this.

Obviously, Aftermarket makes some of the most amazing reworks of the cars which, honestly, aren’t that excruciatingly fast as stock. And yes, they all can become super fast. Imagine seeing this Grand Cherokee making an 8-second pass. It would be quite a satisfying sight.

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