Exhaust Backfires And Antilag Explosions WIll Rock Ur World!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Now we are talking about some of my totes fav car ...

Now we are talking about some of my totes fav car sounds of them all; that is right, this seven plus minute long video is absolutely loaded with cars backfiring, anti-lag systems shooting out sparks and flame and loud awesome bangs and explosive sounds, and super sweet exhaust sounds. Being a system that gives air and fuel space in the exhaust duct to do their thang before they head to the turbocharger, antilag systems are known for epic backfires. The very first backfiring car on this video simply spits out anger and sparks and ratatat-tat sounds that will wake your granny, while the second car, again a small sports car, has an exhaust so powerful it exploded a cardboard box! And from there, the antilag backfires and exhaust explosions only get louder and bigger and badder! 

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