Exceptional Modern Superfast Cars That Are Available With Manual Transmission

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Yes, some awesome cars in recent years had manual ...

Yes, some awesome cars in recent years had manual gearbox option. And CarThrottle compiled them all in this fantastic video telling us that even l proper purists have a lot of options to choose from.

And no, we are not talking here about small hatchbacks and the like, but about massively fast cars with fantastically large and powerful engine. Many of which are actually naturally aspirated and that send power only to RWD.

Sure, do not expect to have some purist car pornography for small money. We are writing here about Aston Martins, Bimmers, Ferraris, Jags, and Porsches.

Sure, all of these manufacturers have a powerful image among the purists so we are not even surprised with the manual transmission options for them.

Now, the newest cars that actually succeeded all the models CarThrottle compiled do not offer a manual transmission option. Why? Not because of the manufacturers, but for us, the buyers, who simply do not buy them enough.

Nevertheless, this is the list of awesome cars that were or are available with the manual transmission option:

Aston Martin DB9,

BMW E60 M5,

BMW  F10 M5,

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano,

Ferrari California,

Jaguar F-Type,

Porsche Panamera

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