Epic Fail! This Is Why You Don’t Buy Dodge If You Want Fun In The Dunes

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Dodge/Chrysler makes cool rides which is why they earned quite a following, but as ...

Dodge/Chrysler makes cool rides which is why they earned quite a following, but as the adage goes, nobody is perfect. Here’s a video that will prove why a Dodge Ram is a truck someone should dodge if offroad jumps or sand dunes fun is an adventure they want.

The driver and owner of the Dodge Ram 1500 featured below probably got so excited to have fun in the sand dunes that he totally missed the dos and don’ts for his ride. He definitely got the fun he was looking for, but it proved to be short-lived.

The Dodge was about to heighten the fun by taking an air in a slope when suddenly everything came to a halt. The jump it did was lame but what’s something lamer is the truck itself. The Ram stopped after something broke in it, probably around the upper control arm or the ball joint.

Well, this family of Dodge truck is infamous for ball joints loosening or popping out plus the upper control arm and knuckle is made of aluminum which makes everything too soft for jumps.

So is it a yay or a nay for Dodge trucks? Check this out to decide.

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