Epic Burnout Display Will Make You Want A 355 Chevy C10 Right Now!

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More than just the exciting drag races and the awe-inspiring car build exhibits, a ...

More than just the exciting drag races and the awe-inspiring car build exhibits, a Chevy C10 truck can be a burnout superstar too. Not quite convinced about the idea of a cloud-making C10 build? Here’s an epic burnout display by a beautiful 355 Chevy C10 that’ll probably make you realize you need such truck for an intense kind of smokey fun in your life.

You know you’re watching a badass truck build in action when you hear nothing but angry non-stop screams of it from start to finish. In fact, it was leaving the whole track into complete zero visibility with how thick the smokes are coming out from its rear. The show may have momentarily stopped for a while when it backfired through the carbs, but a true badass knows when not to stop.

This C10 isn’t all just about the revs and the burnouts as bumper to bumper, this one looks a beauty too. It looks straight, has a good stance and the flames to the sides add an additional cool. It’s fitted with a 355 small-block Chevy with two 750dp demon carbys and making about 500 HP to the wheels.

Another proof of badassness? Well, pieces of rubber flicking onto the camera screen during the burnout proves what kind of C10 you’ll be seeing. Check it out through the video below.

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