It Is Enough To Say Lambo Gallardo Burns To A Crisp In Seattle

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The decades of evolution that have seen the supercars going from monsters that ...

The decades of evolution that have seen the supercars going from monsters that wanted to ruin the life of their occupants to a nearly-daily-driver role they play today still haven’t managed to address one massive issue of the genre. We are talking about the supercar fires that send so many examples of these monsters to go-fast heaven each year.

A Lambo Gallardo brings the freshest example of this, with this Italian exotic having recently burned to the crisp – reports talks about this Raging Bull having been consumed by fire in Seattle.

While we usually just get to see the aftermath or a final moments of such sad episodes, things are different this time around.

That is because this video allows us to check out the whole ordeal of this Lamborghini, from the first traces of smoke, and to the moment when firefighters finally managed to subdue the flames.

The Lamborghini Gallardo, which looks like the Superleggera, can be seen coming to a halt in traffic, with this driver trying to solve the smokey problem by using his water bottle.

This man soon realizes that the issue is much serious and manages to get some help, in the form of the fire extinguisher. Nevertheless, this doesn’t seem to help. With the fire getting fiercer and fiercer, it quickly becomes obvious that this V10 machine will burn to a crisp.

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