Electric Lotus Evora With Model S Motors And Volt Batteries Can Do Wonders

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

It is fast. And we are not even surprised as this ...

It is fast. And we are not even surprised as this Evora actually got all of its drivetrain internals from the Tesla Model S (With Chevy Volt Batteries). This Canadian Lotus Evora called the Blue Lightning did not actually use parts of the drivetrain from the most powerful P100D mind you. But with a 460 electric hp on tap and exceptionally well-designed chassis, the Blue Lightning can reach some supercar performance.

A Canadian company that made it obviously has some really smart people working on it. After all, they successfully concocted a system with Volt batteries and Tesla Model S emotors.

With the Time Attack mode selected, the Evora Blue Lightning uses all the disposable power and energy in order to make the fastest passes as possible. It not a surprise that it won the first place in the competition for the RWD cars.

Apart from the Time Attack mode, the Blue Lightning system concocted two other modes as well – the Drift Mode and the Maximum Range mode. Interestingly enough, the Drift Mode allows for 40 percent wheel slip making this Evora more than capable of making exciting burnouts and long drifts.

This Lotus Evora Electric Car competed with a fully built Subaru and Integra Type R in this competition.

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