How Do Electric Cars Work? Can They Be Tuned For More Power?

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With the age of electric vehicles upon us, more and more people are wondering: Can ...

With the age of electric vehicles upon us, more and more people are wondering: Can you tune them?

Battery-powered vehicles don’t use fuel or air to make energy, meaning there is no obvious way to tinker with inputs and increase power output. Or is there?

Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained put together the neat video laying out exactly how electric vehicles turn energy into the rotating force, and how that force is used to spin the wheels.

As for if they can be tuned, Jason Fenske tells us it is all about how much power each component can withstand.

Upgrading a battery and software can only go so far until you run into other limitations in a drivetrain, such as how fast the inverter can operate and how quickly the vehicle can translate its electric force into a spinning motor.

Of course, those things can be upgraded as well. So it is not really about changing the software as much it is about upgrading the hardware.

The video below gets pretty technical, but describes the process of how electric vehicles actually work impeccably well. Watch for yourself.

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