Driving 202 mph In An Audi R8 In The Real World Is Awesome

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Driving fast on the autobahn is not that easy. It ...

Driving fast on the autobahn is not that easy. It is, of course possible, but not easy. So, despite de-restricted sections, a driver has to be more than focused and really skillful to keep the car in line at that kind of speeds. And this video will make you feel every single mile of the Netherland highway de-restricted driving of the amazing Audi R8.

And this R8 has been reworked by the MTM. A supercharged car with 802hp simply eats the miles on the Autobahn giving the driver an experience of the lifetime. In this video, you can see the Audi R8 V10 Plus accelerating to astonishing 202 mph on the autobahn in the real world.

And all this with the driver’s POV. It looks amazing.

As it seems, driving 120 mph feels just like a walk in the park. The driver does not even hold the steering wheel with two hands at those speeds.

Enjoy the Audi R8 like never before.

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