Dramatic Moment Plane Clips Tree Before Smashing Into Car Park

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There is no such thing as the minor fender-bender when it comes to the plane ...

There is no such thing as the minor fender-bender when it comes to the plane crashes, and one pilot seems to have suffered a closest thing to one on Monday morning.

WFSB reports that Manfred Frost suffered only the minor injuries when his Cessna crashed immediately after takeoff from the Robertson Field in Plainville, Connecticut.

Federal Aviation Administration officials told WFSB that a small single-engine Cessna veered sharply off a runway right after taking off at 11:30 Monday morning, and crashing smack into the tree in a Carling Technologies parking lot adjacent to the airport.

The FAA is still investigating the cause of this crash, but this agency did say they are looking into the fuel leak issue.

Typically, aircraft continue to follow the heading of a runway after they take off from until it ends. And to hit the tree in the Carling Technologies parking lot, the Cessna had to make the sharp turn halfway down a runway.

It is likely that at takeoff speed the airplane and did not have enough runway left to come back to earth…but it is unknown at this time why the pilot turned the way he did.

As you can see in the video below, the Carling Technologies security camera captured this crash in perfect detail. The low-flying Cessna attempted to cross a parking lot, banking sharply to avoid the trees near a building.

It missed the first tree…and not the second. The plane pirouetted in mid-air, and then fell to the ground next to the tree it cut in half.

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