Drag Race: Range Rover Sport SVR Vs Caterham Seven 360R

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The weekend has come, with it, some interesting drag races have popped up. And ...

The weekend has come, with it, some interesting drag races have popped up. And like this one, for example, which pits the Range Rover Sport SVR against a Caterham Seven 360R.

There are faster SUVs out there, and we get what Evo was going for: something British and patriotic. The SVR is, after all, the very special to its company.

Likewise, the Caterham Seven 360R isn’t the most extreme vehicle Caterham makes, but it gets a job done. Under its old-fashioned hood is the Ford Duratec 2-liter engine that produces 180 horsepower and 143 lb-ft of old-fashioned grunt. By comparison, this Range Rover has the supercharger and a 5-liter V8. No fair!

If comfort is your thing, you will be happy to know that the Range Rover Sport still has the 8-speed automatic. Just place your heavy right foot on a gas and acceleration happen.

Even the trained dog could drag race it. But the Caterham Seven makes due and with its six-speed manual. Sure, a mechanical rear LSD helps, but getting the 360R off the line smoothly is the matter of skill.

But just look at the weights! The Range Rover weighs the hefty 2,335 kilograms, which is about four times more than the 560 kilograms Caterham.

Despite this, this claimed figures would lead you to believe that that a Range Rover is faster off the line. However, that is not what happens in the drag race.

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