Drag Race: Lamborghini Huracan Vs Cadillac CTSV!

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Let’s say you are the driver of the Lamborghini Huracan and you decided to ...

Let’s say you are the driver of the Lamborghini Huracan and you decided to hit a drag strip. A second-generation Cadillac CTS-V lines up next to you, with intentions of the guy behind a wheel being obvious. Should you be worried?

This answer obviously depends on what lies underneath the skin of a said Caddy. Even so, given a stock quarter-mile time of the CTS-V, you should be safe.

To be more precise, the Cadillac CTS-V belonging to a previous generation needs 12 seconds to complete the 1,320 feet sprint. As for this V10 animal we are discussing here, the Raging Bull is the car that can play this game in as little as 10.4 seconds.

The 1.5+ seconds that split the two mean that any mods a Cadillac owner may have installed might not be enough to make you admire angular posterior of a super-sedan.

You should also have the much easier job getting your Sant’Agata Bolognese machine off the line, since we are talking about the confrontation between the vehicle that mixes all-wheel-drive with the Launch Control feature and one that comes in the rear-wheel-drive form.

However, this Huracan quarter-mile time we mentioned above involves the ideal conditions. We are here to show you what can happen when the driver of such the Lambo doesn’t enjoy such parameters.

To be more precise this Huracan in this video, which did race the modded Gen II Cadillac CTS-V, took the looong while to complete the 1,320 feet run.

As for its muscle sedan opponent, the ultra-sticky rubber adorning a rear axle of the Caddy says something about the power a machine has to put down.

Interestingly, this Cadillac completed the said task in 10.3 seconds, which means that the Lambo Huracan guy would’ve had the hard time even in the optimal scenario.

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