Drag Race: Dodge Challenger SRT Vs Mustang GT500

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The muscle car wars have now become so vicious that it is not uncommon to see the ...

The muscle car wars have now become so vicious that it is not uncommon to see the battles spreading to Old Continent. Case in point with a drag racing gathering we are here to show you, which was held on the German asphalt.

Among others, this sprinting gathering brought together a Dodge Challenger SRT and the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

The video below allows you to see the two slabs of America duking it out – while a said battle can be found at the 1:00 point of this video, we would also check out the rest of the footage, since it delivers delicious straight-line action.

Since we are talking about the pair of supercharged V8 monsters, the soundtrack of this battle is just as enticing as the visual part of this stunt. Truth be told, the 6.2-liter blown HEMI easily dominates a decibel-related part of the fight. While the blower whine of the Dodge was engineered to be this aggressive, well, the move doesn’t take away any of the aural delights it provides.

However, we won’t throw any extra spoilers your way, and since we don’t want to risk ruining the giggles delivered by this video.

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