DIY Drill Press Machine At Home! A Step By Step Tutorial Video

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We all know the importance of drill machine. You can either get one from the ...

We all know the importance of drill machine. You can either get one from the market or make one at home.
This DIY could be a life saver. It’s super easy and very convenient. It also saves a considerable amount of money. Watch this step by step DIY Drill Press Machine tutorial video.

This is a very descriptive video that shows how to make a drill machine step by step.  A wooden cube of 20×20 cm2 is aligned with a cuboid of 25×10 cm2. The arrangement is then secured with metal angle brackets.

Two drawer slides are attached to the centre of the wood, right above the brackets. The two blocks of 6×8 cm2 are attached to each other with glue and a 24 v motor is placed on top. This motor is tightly secured by a metal strip which is screwed to the cuboids.

The motor is then attached to a new block of 20×8 cm2 and secured by metal angle brackets. This is also attached to the slides. The drill is then attached to the motor and a hole is created at the base.

And there you have it, your home made drill press machine.
The machine can be painted and secured with a wooden shiner to increase its durability.


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