Detailing The Dirtiest Car In History Is Like Magic

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Detail King is the YouTube channel dedicated to one ...

Detail King is the YouTube channel dedicated to one thing only – showing us how the world’s filthiest and dirtiest cars become as clean as possible. It is the closest thing to magic you may ever imagine to see on YouTube.

This time, they shared with us quite amazing detailing of the Dirtiest car in History. Now, we cannot say for sure is it the dirtiest car in history, but, boy, it is filthy.

Detail King guys gave this 1982 Mercedes 190E full and detailed cleaning. Interior and exterior with the best cleaning solutions used.

The results are quite extraordinary considering just how much dirt there was on a car. And if you zoom through their YouTube channel you may see some astonishing detailing work on other cars as well. All including the detailing of salvageable cars, classic Bentleys, and awesome Beemers.

As for the old Mercedes-Benz expect to see a whole lot of product placements in this video, but when you see what they can do you won’t be mad at all.

All in all detailing is not exactly an easy thing to do. Actually, it is so hard people are usually specially trained to do a detailed cleaning. Cleaning an old car like this is definitely challenging, but think about detailing a supercar.

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