Dash Cam Catches Terrifying Moment Huge Tree Nearly Falls Onto Car During Hurricane Irma

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Over a course of its week-long rampage through a Caribbean and southeastern United ...

Over a course of its week-long rampage through a Caribbean and southeastern United States, Hurricane Irma inflicted billions of dollars of the damage and killed at least 56 people, according to the latest tally.

A dramatic dash cam video shows a storm almost made it 57 by bringing down the giant tree in Georgia and nearly crushing the woman trying to drive her Lexus SUV to safety.

WSB-TV reports April Baxter was driving on the Highway 92 outside Fayetteville, Georgia on Monday as Irma—at that point the tropical storm—lashed the region with 60-70 mph wind gusts.

She told a station that she lives in the mobile home and was trying to reach her sister-in-law’s more stable house.

A man driving behind her happened to have the dash cam, and the video below shows her Lexus RX cruising along at the decent clip amid the rain and wind.

Suddenly, the tree that appears to be at least 50 feet tall comes crashing down from a left.

Baxter slams on the brakes, and she is unable to stop in time and strikes a trunk just as it hits a roadway, crushing the front of her vehicle and sending the rear end spiking into the air.

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