Dad Pranks Daughter With “Car” Reveal After She Passed Her Driving Test

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Having the dream car which you would love to have and when you finally grow up is ...

Having the dream car which you would love to have and when you finally grow up is fairly common, children from their youngest age pick their own, and this girl’s first vehicle is most certainly not what she dreamed of.

Namely, her parents decided to give her the present she will never forget after she got her driving license. And they covered her eyes so she could not see and took her in front of her first vehicle.

It was covered with the tarp and from the outside it looked just like the normal car. Little did she know that there was the even bigger surprise for her under that tarp.

Her mom was filming a whole situation and her dad took the cover of her eyes. And this is where the shock happened.

When her dad took a tarp off, which was basically the wooden frame built to look like, represent the car’s shape, there was the small electric tricycle.

It was so tiny that it was small even for the girl. There was the little seat on the back. She decided to take the tricycle for the spin anyways, it seemed like all of them had the good laugh out of it.

None of us would like this tricycle to be our first car! And this dad set up the whole frame and built it from flexible wood. And it was placed on four tires and it looked completely normal.

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