Couple In Range Rover Sport Escape Carjacking

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As we have said many times before, driving an ...

As we have said many times before, driving an expensive and a popular car will certainly transfer you to the center of attention of not so many nice people. Like thieves and mobsters. If you drive a freaking Range Rover Sport, that is basically a certainty. This is a video of a couple escaping a carjack in South Africa. Luckily, the driver was more than aware of its surroundings and of what has been happening there. The woman that was out of the car got in it fast, shut the door and they evaded the whole situation by acting really fast.

Stealing cars in the broad daylight with guns and car blocking is daily business in many third world countries. Thus, we can say this man with a Range Rover certainly has some balls to flee the scene in this manner.

We also have a comment from the passenger:
“We arrived home and as our gate opened, our small dogs ran out towards our car. We had to stop so that I could pick them up. I managed to pick up one of them into our vehicle but I had to then go beyond the car to fetch the other dog. At this point, I looked to my left and saw a vehicle racing down the road towards us.”

“The vehicle suddenly stopped and that’s when the attacker jumped out of his car with a gun. I immediately jumped back into our vehicle and as I closed the door my husband was already prepared in reverse and simply put his foot flat down on the accelerator.”

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