This Corvette Z06 Is Driven Via A Tube And By A Quadriplegic.

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Ok, this is not something you expect to see every ...

Ok, this is not something you expect to see every day. This man controls the Corvette C7 by blowing through a tube. The car is so amazing that even Jay Leno wanted to meet the guy and see for himself how the whole contraption works.

Unfortunately, the story about the development of a car like this is not exactly a happy one. Former champion Indy Racing driver Sam Schmidt, who owns the car, suffered a major accident back in 2001. The accident took place at 210 mph and it made him a quadriplegic. Obviously, he was more than lucky to survive. As he loves racing and enjoys every single aspect of it, he decided to make a car which he would be able to drive. And that is not an easy task to do when one is paralyzed from neck down. But he did it.

With some of the country’s smartest minds and engineers, Sam Schmidt now drives a Corvette Z06 with multiple cameras which follow his sunglasses and steer the car where the sunglasses point. He presses gas by blowing into a tube and decelerates by sucking air from it. And this system actually works. The State of Nevada actually issued the first ever semi-autonomous driving car license to Sam. This is the first license of the kind in the country. Amazing.

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