This Is How To Cool Your Car Like A Pro

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Most of us have the ritual when we return to our rides that have been baking under ...

Most of us have the ritual when we return to our rides that have been baking under a sun for hours, to try to cool them faster, and is our way, the right way?

Well, depending on a solution, the answer could vary, Consumer Reports believes, as they have released the video filled with tips and the tricks so that we won’t sweat, on the go.

The first piece of information won’t only help cool your car faster, but it’ll also drop the mileage if you are willing to consider it, as running the air conditioning while the vehicle is stationary won’t help.

Instead, what you should do is turn it off, and open the windows, crank up the fan, and start driving.

Once cold air starts coming from the vents, you should close the front windows, and keep the rear ones just the little bit open for another 10 to 20 seconds.

This creates the easy path for the hot air to escape the cabin, apparently, and it’s the important step for cooling the cabin faster.

So what else should you do on the hot summer day to transform your ride from a sauna to the nice and cool place?

You will have to check out the clip posted below to find out, but before you do, tell us what is your favorite way of cooling your vehicle as fast as possible.

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