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Do you know why a stylish gas stations are the thing of the past? Is there ...

Do you know why a stylish gas stations are the thing of the past? Is there anything to do with the price of a gasoline? Back in 60’s the price of a gas in USA was 16 — 18 cent per gallon and you could fill the full tank of your car for $3,5.

As we all know there is nothing stylish in a modern gas stations nowadays. There are only decaying features like advertisements for junk food, interior of the cereal box architecture, rusted old bolts in a cracked concrete…

There are no more Mechanics On Duty, Uniformed Attendants, Routine Maintenance, Free Road Maps, Driveway Bells, Credit Card Trays…

Today we have many choices, we could buy the car that runs on gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, biofuels and even on the electricity.

However a gas stations are not transforming fast enough according to a new situation on the market. Especially in the US, most of a gas stations are offering in-and -out type of service for the gasoline vehicles only.

In fact there are the several old school gas stations that are stylish, Nun’s Island Gas Station In the Montreal, Canada or a former AGIP gas station at Piazzale Accursio in the Milano, Italy, Parker’s in Savannah, Ga, Helios House in the Los Angeles, CA, Gas Station designed by a Danish architect Arne Jacobsen at the north of Copenhagen, Danmark, …

Well, what do you think, why all a new gas station can not look fantastic? Why there are no more beautiful and stylish gas stations like few decades ago?

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