Chris Harris Drives The OTHERWORLDLY Powerful Bugatti Chiron!

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When Bugatti announced the heir of the famous Veyron, the world started to gasp in ...

When Bugatti announced the heir of the famous Veyron, the world started to gasp in expectation. Naturally, when the hype is that strong, the results are oftentimes underwhelming, but it turns out that Chiron even somehow managed to raise the bar to new heights.

Some of the figures behind this beast are truly insane. While it shares the similar platform with its older cousin, Chiron is definitely a lot stiffer, which helps in immensely around sharp corners. Well, that’s at least in theory, but Chris Harris from Top Gear decided to find out whether this behemoth is actually that good in real life conditions.

Considering that Chiron has 4 turbochargers, and that it pushes 1500 horsepower to the wheels, it’s not hard to understand why the expectations are that high. Similar to the previous model, Chiron is also equipped with all the latest technology features one can imagine, and it sports a luxury interior as well. The price tag is also wild, standing at $3 million, but then again, this is a pretty special ride!

What are your thoughts on this breathtaking supercar?

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