Check Out How Bike Wreck Looks Like At 140 MPH!

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This clip shows just how bad a bike wreck looks like at high speed. A biker is ...

This clip shows just how bad a bike wreck looks like at high speed. A biker is hurtling down the interstate at twice the speed limit – assuming that it’s the usual 70 miles per hour. He briefly took his eyes off the road and then the unthinkable happens… he crashed violently into the rear of an SUV! Assuming again that the SUV is travelling at the designated speed limit, the impact of the collision would have the same force as the rider slamming into the rear of a parked car at 70 mph.

There is no word about the fate of the biker, so we can only hope that he’s okay. But if you consider the force of the crash and the tumble he took down the road, he may have either sustained some serious injuries or worse, it may have done him in. If you play the video in slow motion, you’ll see the rider flailing through the air after running into the back side of the SUV. The moment he hits the ground, his helmet-mounted camera disengages and goes flying for a while before finally coming to a stop.

We don’t wish the biker any harm, but the human body can only take a certain amount of force, and slamming into a vehicle at high speed is more than enough to exceed the threshold. We are just trying to play the odds here and on the part of the SUV, there could also be some injuries. A sudden forceful impact and breaking the glass can easily startle the driver and make him lose control of the vehicle. Again, we hope that nothing fatal happened and everyone survived the ordeal.

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