Caught On Video: Mustang Slams Into Illegal Car Show Spectators In Bellflower

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Yet another Mustang has dented a reputation of the breed in the Saturday night ...

Yet another Mustang has dented a reputation of the breed in the Saturday night fever incident. The pony car was pulling donuts as part of the illegal meet held in Bellflower, California, when this accident happened.

As you can imagine, and the tons of footage capturered at the scene, and which comes from the smartphone, allows us to get the complete view of this unfortunate happening.

And while many situations of the sort see the crowd booing a driver that had lost control, this time around the situation was different. That is because people started kicking and punching the vehicle right after the shock of the accident.

To make matters worse, the said Mustang was the Convertible, which meant that it didn’t take all that long for the angry mob to get inside the vehicle.

It seems more than the little odd for the same people who had gotten dangerously close to a spinning ‘Stang to suddnely get violent and damage the vehicle, which is just one of the reasons for which you should avoid such meets.

This event took place in the K-Mart parking lot, with the hooning drawing quite the large crowd. And once the angry people started hitting the vehicle, this driver tried to run. However, given the crowded setup, he didn’t make it too far.

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