What? Car Lays Down Epic Burnout While Its Wheels Spin Backwards!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

How in the world is this backwards wheel burnout ...

How in the world is this backwards wheel burnout even possible? And, what is this car that is ripping out this insane burnout? It’s a Kia, isn’t it?

Oh, and how about the burnout sprayed all over the place right at the start of this video by some other car, a sports car? Cool, no? Now, back to the backwards spinning wheels laying down a burnout thicker than the fog in Foggy Bottoms down around the way in the Scotland of my youth.

Besides the wheels rolling the wrong way, what else is unique and cool about this burnout? Yeah, that is right. It is a front wheel drive burnout. That is pretty cool too! By the way, the wheels are not spinning backwards. It is an optical illusion created by the video camera that captures movement in a series of frames.

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