Can You Turn Coal/Carbon In To Diamonds With A Hydraulic Press

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People have conducted the numerous experiments with everyday object and some of ...

People have conducted the numerous experiments with everyday object and some of the results were absolutely amazing, that is why we take the look at the video below in which the guy tries to turn coal carbon into diamond.

Experimenting with the such objects can be very surprising at times hence the results you get and at the end can be astonishing.

You can come up with the crazy inventions and have the lot of fun inside your home. But this experiment is the little bit different, and possibly very profiting.

The well-known YouTube channel and called Hydraulic Press Channel tests if it possible to turn coal carbon into the diamond.

As its name suggests, he uses the very powerful hydraulic press. There are numerous videos of him crushing various objects and they’re all satisfying to watch.

This time he decided to make profit out of it. He uses the thick steel cylinder in which he places a coal. Then he puts the lid from the top of it and by simply pressing the button he places tons of pressure on a coal.

Though it might be the disappointment, the coal ended up being shredded into the fine powder, there was no sign of any diamond. He tried once again, and this time applying more pressure, and the final result was the same.

Just for fun, he smacked a shredded coal with his hand leaving behind huge clouds of the black smoke. Check this clip for more and see the full experiment.

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