What You Can Find Inside The Presidential Limousine Will Shock You!

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Ever wonder what you can find inside the Presidential limousine? It turns out, the ...

Ever wonder what you can find inside the Presidential limousine? It turns out, the presidential limousine is not just about luxury because underneath the cover are unbelievable state of the art items that are mainly used for emergency. This video will prove you that the President’s Limousine is one of the vehicles that can surely survive the zombie apocalypse.

It’s undeniably a state of the art car that everybody will surely want to have. This limousine is perfectly sealed against biochemical attacks. It has a security tank that will not explode at all which contains oxygen, fire extinguishers and bottles of president’s blood type.

The car body is made from strong materials like steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic. What really make this limousine more special is the ballistic glass bullet proof windows which can protect whoever is inside the car! I wonder if Donald Trump’s car possess such features too or maybe more advanced.

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