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This is what you get when three not exactly car ...

This is what you get when three not exactly car guys go for testing three cars with three totally different price points. BuzzFeedBlue guys (you know who they are, don’t play dumb) went out and tested the $24,000 Toyota Prius, $100,000+ BMW M4 Competition and a freaking Lamborghini Huracan (they even got to drive in a freaking Lamborghini Aventador).

And then, after the drive, they had to decide which car is most worth it.

Of course, the Toyota Prius, with its rather low price is worth the most to them, but that is not the point. Here, you can definitely see how fun is driving really fast cars. Look at these guys and witness the smiles on their faces from the moment they sat in the Beemer and the Lambo. One cannot fake that.

All in all, this video is about cars – the BuzzFeed way and we actually like it. Not because the info they gave us, but because these guys were honest with their facial expressions. Their emotions when driving, or being in a fast and good car say it all.

While the Prius may be the most worth, in their opinion, we cannot ignore the fact that the Beemer and the Lambo gave them most fun. And it may even make them into proper car guys. They get it now.

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