How To Break Your Legs With An Airbag In 3 Easy Steps

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Finally, a video that really teaches us something ...

Finally, a video that really teaches us something we all have long wanted to know! Yep, the video below will teach you how to break your legs with an airbag in three easy steps.

Warning: though these steps are very easy and fast, they absolutely are not painless. The airbag leg-breaking steps are: 1. Buckle yourself into the passenger seat of a car. 2. Place your feet up on the dashboard as if you were a chillin’ teen girl. 3. Have someone crash the car hard enough that the airbags deploy.

This crash does not need to be all that fast. Depending upon the car, it could be as slow as eight miles per hour. If you are lucky like the lady in the video below, your legs will snap so badly that your knees will end up in your eye sockets. The two black eyes, are a bonus!

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