This Is Why A Blown Chevy In A Hilux Is The Sickest Combo For Burnout!

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Finding for the perfect setup for an ultimate cloud-making machine? Fortunately, ...

Finding for the perfect setup for an ultimate cloud-making machine? Fortunately, it ain’t that hard and if you have a Big-Block Chevy and a Toyota Hilux, then you’re good to go. Here’s a 1987 Toyota Hilux featuring an engine bay filled with 540 cubes of blown and injected Big-Block Chevy.

This truck converts not water vapor into clouds but a rubber tire. It appears in the track throwing some beastly revs that lived up to the hype soon as it started ripping skids. And no it isn’t just all eargasm because this truck looks so effin’ drooling to look at too.

The scene was all smoke when the main action started. Burnout is not the only thing this truck knows as it can also spit flames like a flamethrower. How crazy is that?

And with that amount of smoke and the fire-spitting exhaust directing towards the rear tires, you sure know what to expect. Well, the show ended with the rear having just rims and a few remnants of the tire. Seems like this truck will need tire donations every time it hits the track.

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