Bizarre Moment Football Fan Takes Down Drone With Just A Toilet Roll

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The last time we reported on the intersection between the soccer and unmanned ...

The last time we reported on the intersection between the soccer and unmanned aerial vehicles, the incident consisted of the impressive hoverboard being commandeered by a pilot at the final match in Lisbon, Portugal.

This time, there is no hoverboard, but it is still fairly impressive. On Sunday, a fan downed the drone by throwing the roll of toilet paper at the UAV at the soccer match between the Gimnasia de Mendoza and Mitre teams in Argentina.

The UAV, and which seems to be hovering above the crowd in order to record photographs and video, couldn’t handle getting its rotors entangled in ultra-soft toilet paper fibers, causing it to go spinning out of control and crashing onto a ground.

According to The Mirror, this drone was in the midst of filming the tracking shot of the crowd while the two teams were duking it out to secure their spot in the Argentina’s third-tier National B playoff. Luckily, CNET reports that nobody was injured in this incident, which the video below confirms.

The more impressive part of this story is the accuracy of the throw, if we are being honest. Take a look at a precision with which the perpetrator launched his projectile at the UAV.

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